luni, 31 octombrie 2011

Colectia de craciun - clopotel

Continuam cu modelele pentru brad.
Azi un clopotel "Cloverleaf bell" din aceeasi carte de Monica Hahn.
Am modificat putintel modelul dar imi place.

5 comentarii:

  1. As always your results are wonderful !
    I'm anxious to see the followings snowflakes...I love snowflakes :D

  2. Cu astfel de podoabe, vei avea un brad minunat!

  3. tatted Christmas tree decorations are so lacy and lovely.

  4. A beautiful bell! Easy to create in 3D as well...tat two more and join at the side picots. Voila! A 3D bell.

    Your tatting is so beautiful! Please make more lovely tatted ornaments for fir!