joi, 19 iunie 2014

Nodul celtic frivolite

Recent , cineva mi-a adus aminte de o pereche de cercei facuti prin 2010, model pe care l-am uitat.
Era nodul celtic, si recunosc, pur si simplu am uitat cum se fac. Cautand modul de lucru , mi-am adus aminte ca trebuie navete speciale. Nu am asa ceva si nici nu stiu cum i-am realizat data trecuta (cred ca fost finger tatting) asa ca am trecut la cautat de navete, dar cum nici cele obisnuite nu se prea gasesc, ce sa mai zic de astea speciale.
Asa ca am apelat la mesterul de serviciu, sotul meu, care s-a conformat si mi-a facut doua navete sa pot lucra. Ii multumesc din suflet.

Si am reusit sa si lucrez cu ele:

6 comentarii:

  1. love shuttles and husbands that comply with our wants foe them :) love the earrings

  2. Very nicely done! I have yet to master this kind of Celtic weaving, as mastered by Ruth Perry and Rozella Linden, although I hope to do so soon with my recently purchased 'netting needles', which are made out of metal. I found them at on the web (Debbie Arnold).. I know they'll do the job, and I have practiced tatting long chains with them (Reverse Riego method), but I haven't tried doing the weaving as yet. It's wonderful that your husband made these Celtic shuttles for you!

    1. I am following up on my previous comment to explain that Ruth Perry and Rozella Linden are the same person! Ruth has used the name Rozella Linden on her books to honor the memory of her grandmother. I should have phrased the above comment as 'Ruth Perry aka (also known as) Rozella Linden'. Her Celtic weaving designs using long chains is amazing.

    2. Thank you for this information. Are precious to me.I hope someday you'll get a book with celtic designs.Until then, practice.