miercuri, 8 octombrie 2014

What is the difference?

Last night, after we went to bed,  I dreamed of snow and tatting (strange dream).
I woke up with a snowflake pattern in my head. I had to try.
I turned the TV to not bother, and I started working in his light.
This is my excuse for not worked nicely.
The snowflake is very simple, but you see the difference?
It is the same pattern, same stitch count but different techniques.

It is the same pattern, same stitch count but different techniques.
So far I have not noticed such a big difference between using this two techniques.
I'll tell you tomorrow if you don't guess.

6 comentarii:

  1. The first one (the nice round chains) I identified (I hope). Round 1: the middle with bugled picots. then climb up with bugles and then chains with TOR.
    The second one looks like the TOR worked with theh needle, but I can "smell" from the screen it is not needle tatting.
    TOR without switching the shuttles may make this shape. Excluded: your tatting even on TV light is better.
    Wrapping like for the split chains, for 1 half of the chain. Possible, hard to believe.
    LTR it is not, because the first round seems the same like for the round one.
    Anyway... weird the ds from the left of the small ring are worked differently as for the other ones.
    Guess I must wait until tomorrow.

  2. Lovely pattern, I wondered if you changed direction at the ring making the chains pointed, on the second snowflake. I do like them both

  3. These are very pretty snowflakes and they look different !

  4. Interesting technique variations. The curved chains have thrown off rings. The pointed chains are achieved by switching shuttles to make the rings using the core thread of the chains.