vineri, 2 ianuarie 2015

Heart earring pattern!

La multi ani 2015!
Happy new year!

Un cadou de inceput de an : modelul cerceilor "Heart earring"!

1 shuttle
5 beads 1mm
12 seed beads

Leave a tail of 50 cm and start rings
R1 8-8 CR
R2 8 join p of R1 4-4-8 CR
R3 8 join to second free p of R2 -8 CR
R4 8 join to  p of R1 4-4-8 CR
R5 8 join  to last free p of R4 RW

Bring a bead on tail and start chains

CH1 20 ds join to free p of R4
Add three seed beads on working thread.
CH2 9-9 join to free p of R2
CH3 20 ds

Cut thread leaving 30 cm.
Using a needle sew beads as in the picture.

Hide the ends and you are done.

Daca aveti intrebari va raspund cu cea mai mare placere.
If you have any questions I will gladly answer.


9 comentarii:

  1. Thanks for the pattern, I'll definitely use it, the earrings are so pretty.

  2. Oh so that's how you make it ! Thanks :)

  3. Beautiful earrings, thank you for sharing the pattern

  4. Wow, lovely earrings and clear instructions/pics ! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern :-) A project to try definitely.

  5. Wow, very useful tutorial ! Thank :) It's my pleasure to be your's blog followers :)

  6. Fun and pretty! Thank you for another wonderful pattern!