vineri, 18 martie 2016

In gradina

Dupa cum va puneam, am inceput lucrul in gradina.
Ieri a fost frig bine,  dar natura isi urmeaza cursul si imi sopteste ca totusi vine primavara.
Prunii si caisii sunt infloriti bine, narcisele  si-au deschis florile iar toporasii deja incep sa se ofileasca.
Numai frumusete!

4 comentarii:

  1. We have many of the same plants and trees here in the U.S. They make spring wonderful!

  2. wonderful to see spring has sprung, have daffodils here but nothing else seems to be happening, I id see some lambs in a field too so that is a good sign

    1. We have lambs too, but i don't make picture yet!