luni, 8 septembrie 2014

My new set, a simple ending with beads.

Czech beads, mother of pearl (sidef) and cotton.
Not my pattern, find it on google doc, not signed, but I think it is Orsi's.
It was a simple ending without beads. 
I put the beads  to form a border on the bottom.

joi, 4 septembrie 2014

3D medalion

After previous attempt on 3D tatting, I went further with this idea.
So why not graduated beads?
Silk thread and pearls:

marți, 2 septembrie 2014

Another attempt on 3D

After this 3D trefoil-earrings, I tried another 3D model.
It is 3D flower, two layers separate by beads.
I like how it came out,  and I will continue with this idea.