miercuri, 29 octombrie 2014

Ready for christmas - Ankars tatting

Pregatiri de Craciun, poate o agrafa de par sau poate un ornament pentru felicitare.
Vom vedea....
Sau poate imi sugerati voi ceva!

Preparing for Christmas, maybe a hair clip or an ornament for greeting card.
We'll see ....
Or maybe you suggest me something!

joi, 23 octombrie 2014

My first ankars tatting

Prima mea lucrare in tehnica Ankars.
Majoritatea informatiilor le am de aici.

Well, this is my first ankars tatting.
Most of the information I got from here.

sâmbătă, 18 octombrie 2014

Thistle (Ciuline)

O noua incercare si sper si o reusita.
Un ciuline, da ati citit bine. Un ciuline.
Mi-a placut combinatia dintre firul verde si margelele mov asa incat am facut o incercare.
O pereche de cercei, gata de purtat.

A new attempt and hope a success.
A thistle, yes you read right. A thistle.
I liked the combination of the green thread and purple beads so I made ​​an attempt.
A pair of earrings, ready to wear.

joi, 9 octombrie 2014

The difference is...

The diference is ... very simple, as you guessed.
So, in first image is a simple ring with bugle beads as picots and Floating rings (TOR) and it is worked with 2 shuttles.
Second one, is , like first one, a simple  ring with bugle beads but I use 1 shuttle and ball, and SLT before and after Floating rings .
Simple no?
I made a step by step guide for  both methods.

                            Simple flower - bugle beads                          Simple star - bugle beads

miercuri, 8 octombrie 2014

What is the difference?

Last night, after we went to bed,  I dreamed of snow and tatting (strange dream).
I woke up with a snowflake pattern in my head. I had to try.
I turned the TV to not bother, and I started working in his light.
This is my excuse for not worked nicely.
The snowflake is very simple, but you see the difference?
It is the same pattern, same stitch count but different techniques.

It is the same pattern, same stitch count but different techniques.
So far I have not noticed such a big difference between using this two techniques.
I'll tell you tomorrow if you don't guess.

duminică, 5 octombrie 2014

Nothing new

It's been a while since I wrote, but it was a difficult month.
Tatting, not much, just a few pieces remade.
Earrings "Flower" and some rings.
I hope I start working soon.